Get Camera Ready for Your Wedding Day

Summer is almost here, and that means wedding season will soon be in full swing! I live in Los Angeles, where outdoor weddings are really popular and I can see why. Just imagine tying the knot with your loved one, while the sun sets and the fairy lights and candles start to twinkle. How romantic! However this post is about not just about summer weddings; it is about how I can help you to look stunning while you are enjoying this amazing day, whatever the season. It is about helping you take the stress out of your big day and working on your look so it’s everything you ever dreamed of and more. Getting ready with the bridal party before the wedding, can be one of the most memorable parts of the entire day. Aside from the selfies, mimosas, makeup brushes and curling irons, here are a few things to expect the morning of the wedding. 

taking a moment before the wedding

It will be an early start.  The more people in the wedding party, and the fewer the stylists, the longer the process will take and even longer if there’s only one photographer filming both partners.  Expect hair and makeup to take 30 to 45+ minutes per bridesmaid as well as the mother of the bride, and 60 to 90 minutes for the bride. It will feel like a long day but believe me it flies, so have a bellini and a bite, and soak in these special, last few hours before the ceremony. You probably want to get your hair and makeup done last to ensure you are fresh for the first look, portraits and/or trip down the aisle. The maid of honor should get hers done as close to yours as possible. If there are any bridesmaids reading this, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to get started around 7 a.m. even if the ceremony starts much later in the afternoon. Just make sure there is time for touch-ups. Speaking of touch-ups, getting ready to walk down the aisle in a room full of your favorite people, can make everyone pretty emotional. Touch ups will be needed! The bride should probably get her makeup done before her hair, so that the hair does not get disturbed while the makeup is being done. 


As a makeup artist of some three+ decades and having worked on many well-known faces, I can tell you from experience that there are several things you should consider when you start to plan your look for your wedding day.  Your dress, the type of venue and whether indoors or outdoors for instance, will all play a part in your look, to name a few. That is the easy part. However, if you have any skin conditions that you would like to clear up, or remove a few wrinkles or sunspots before this big day, you should take care of those at least three months prior to the wedding if possible. If you, or anyone in your bridal party are thinking of having any treatments done, or want to change your skin care products, it would be best to give it a few months, so that the skin can heal and/or get used to the new regimen and the treatments can work it’s magic. 

Wedding Makeup Session

 Take a look at my Services Overview page or my social media platforms for before and after pictures. There are some amazing treatments available that will turn back the clock and leave your skin glowing and looking years younger.  I suggest that you start the process with a consultation, to discuss your goals for your wedding day almost as soon as the date has been set. You never know what you would like to accomplish once you had a meeting, so the sooner you have that consultation the better.  

MattSandi_0348 bridal party

Having a makeup trial is the perfect approach and that will be the first time that you see how you will look on your wedding day. This will give you time to adjust and tweak, but you will also leave the studio looking like, well a bride! As with the many other details for your wedding, timing is the key. Before you book your trial you should decide on the date and venue or at least have decided whether it will be in or outdoors, which season and whether you want to be casual or formal. All of these factors will have an impact on your look. Even your wedding dress and/or headpiece will impact your look, whether formal or relaxed or whether you want your look to be soft or dramatic. If you are planning a lot of activities and raucous all night partying, you should gear your makeup to survive (and look fabulous) all night long. 


If you can show me a picture of a look you love, it will give me an idea of what your goals are. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and especially don’t consider your instagram feed as those pictures are very deceiving and often highly filtered which will lead to false hopes. Since you already know how your skin reacts in the sun or cold, let your makeup artist know when you have your trial. Your wedding day is one of the few times when you will have a full glam squad on hand to help you primp, so you want to make sure you have covered everything and you are all on the same page and your goals and vision are clear. This is why a trial is so important. You and your makeup artist will get to know each other and you will be able to see the results right away in a relaxed situation, with plenty of time to play with different looks and colors. So don’t hesitate to speak up! Your makeup artist wants you to look and feel fabulous, so take notes and bring pictures to convey what you would like and if you are not happy the first time, discuss how you would like to change or tweak your look.  If the shade of lipstick is not the right color or the lashes too heavy, ask for other options. This is your day and we want you to be happy! 


This advice is of course relevant to the entire bridal party. I have worked with almost as many grooms as brides when it comes to treatments, covering up, or removing spots that are not flattering. I am more than happy to give the entire bridal party a free consultation to discuss expectations. My contact information is here so email or call for an appointment. 

wedding marrakech


I look forward to many conversations with you all in the future where we can exchange thoughts and share our experiences and I will bring you up to date with all the latest and greatest in the world of beauty. Thank you for spending this time with me.


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