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Lori Hart is a well-known makeup artist and anti-aging guru, specializing in healthy alternatives to plastic surgery. Her private, vintage, Facial and Body Rejuvenation Studio, Lori Hart About Face, is quietly tucked away on the Wilshire Corridor. As you enter the exclusive wonderland of bliss, you’ll immediately feel relaxed and serenaded by classic ‘40s and ‘50s music. Recognized as an anti-aging aficionado, her prestigious clientele includes celebrities such as Britney Spears, Martha Stewart, Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, Mariel Hemingway, Linda Gray and many more as well as past makeup artist for the beauties of Playboy Magazine. Her mottos are “Beauty Without Harm” and “Loving Yourself as You Age”. Her focus is to make you look like the best version of yourself… You, only better. She is a pioneer and leader in her field. Lori is all about encouraging women to pursue their dreams no matter what their age. Let Lori Hart do her gentle, effective, high-tech, state of the art magic on you. You will be amazed at the restorative treatments, products and wonderful touch Lori has. The experience and results are life changing.

Lori’s Journey

Lori’s journey as an esthetician and makeup artist started when, as a young girl, I would watch my mother in the beauty parlor where she worked. I noticed that the women who were her clients, did not show any confidence until they had their “face on.” After the hair and makeup was done, their entire demeanor changed. They came alive and their confidence was brimming. I knew then that my calling was to make women look beautiful, and have that confidence that made them glow.

After doing makeup for the VP of Eddie Murphy productions, I worked my way into the entertainment industry as a makeup artist working mostly with celebrities. While I may have looked confident and sure of myself as the beauty expert, I struggled with my style and image especially around all those beautiful people. I was hanging out with my peers in the industry and received various reactions because of my looks. I really wanted to lose weight and after doing extensive research, I decided to go with liposuction. You know, the quick fix, as opposed to making some lifestyle changes. I was so excited thinking I would go to sleep with this excess weight and wake up thin! What a HUGE mistake. I was in so much pain that I thought I was going to die. There were so many complications and I was sick for months. I still have digestive issues that haunt me today.

Interview with Lori about beauty from the
inside out.

To make matters worse, the doctor did not know what to do with the excess skin so they cut me from hip to hip to remove it. For a young woman already insecure about her body image, this was a devastating blow. I am not the only one who has suffered from these horrible mistakes. You may have seen the TV program “Botched,” which should scare us all away from any cosmetic surgery and those are only the people brave enough to be filmed! I mentioned in one of my recent posts on social media, the plastic surgeons who recommend microcurrent treatments in addition to botox, as the muscles can atrophy from getting those injections for too long. Yet we all seem to want instant beauty or instant weight loss; – and so we harm our bodies in the name of beauty and to assuage our insecurities. We may look good after one of those surgeries, but it doesn’t resolve the deep underlying issues that caused our insecurities to begin with. I believe living an authentic life and loving ourselves at any or every age, is the solution.

I knew after that horrific experience, that my mission in life is to find healthy, safe and non surgical ways to keep my youthful glow and the wrinkles at bay. That was when I discovered microcurrent and other treatments to tone and lift facial and neck muscles that keeps my skin supple. Now I research all products prior to purchasing, or recommending them to my clients, ensuring that they are safe, yet still effective, to enhance and maintain the results from treatments. This new direction also meant that I couldn’t keep using the same makeup as before and needed a better quality for my skin and my client’s. So I created my own makeup line and custom blended cover, that has full sunblock. I am constantly searching for new and improved ways to keep wrinkles away and skin glowing without surgery.

Design the life you want!

I believe this process of designing the life you want, starts first and foremost by finding your inner beauty. It is all about loving yourself, flaws and all and pursuing a life that has meaning and is fulfilling. When you do this, you are allowing yourself to welcome opportunity with open arms. Knowing in your soul that you are worth it; and we all are, no matter what we have gone through. Even if the world tries to tell us that we are only accepted if our bodies are perfect or we live in the right area, or drive the right car. What is important is that we continue to work on becoming the best version of ourselves and this is a daily process. It is also not about perfection or vanity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but why risk your health to get rid of a few wrinkles, when you can get the same or similar results with treatments that are safe. Let’s face it, when we look and feel our best, it gives you that extra edge of confidence, and who doesn’t want that extra pocket of vavavoom!

When we are comfortable in our own skins, we flourish. When we become fully expressed and brimming with confidence, we have the freedom to design and create the life that we want. The confidence that comes with loving ourselves and living an authentic life will empower us to pursue our dreams and the sky will be the limit. When we shine with that kind of vitality we attract people who encourage and uplift us as we will do for them and we attract all that we need to build the life we want. When we are grateful for what we have, more seems to flow our way. There is no time like the present to start living the life we always wanted. It is never too late, we are never too old or too young to live our passion and pursue our dreams.